Martin made it  to his home in New Hampshire, but the trouble is not over. The grid is down and supplies limited.  New Hampshire refuses federal demands for sweeping powers in exchange for relief supplies. The Feds close the borders to force compliance.


The Simmons household grows, but supplies remain limited. The future looks bleak as there is not enough food on hand to make it through to the next growing season. If that wasn't enough, urban gangs take to raiding outlying towns in an effort to feed themselves. 

Getting home was only the beginning

The story continues in "Hunger Season": Book 3 in the series

Author's Notes on Book 2

Book 2 picks up the story of Martin and Susan after they successfully reach his home in New Hampshire. While his modest homestead had several features of a good Bug Out Location, Martin and his wife Margaret were not expert preppers with every need and supply cached away.

Instead, their story is one of improvisation and adaptation. The old routines have been replaced. Manual labor replaced liesure.   To survive the winter, everyone in the household had to pitch in.

The trouble is, hard work cannot create food out of nothing.
A major loss of the power grid seems likely to cause an economic collapse. So much of our current economy relies of fuel to ship goods long distances. When the power is out, the fuel stops. When the fuel stops, the trucks stop. When nothing new is being shipped in, the people of Cheshire have only whatever supplies  they had onhand at the time.

In trying to secure alternate food sources, the people of Cheshire manage to cross a ruthless urban gang that is also desperate for food.