Reader Comments

Some are from pre-publication readers, some from book purchasers

  1. I just finished book 1 and started book 2. I really like the characters so far. It is not a zombie, shoot-everything-up, PAW fiction where the main character has every gun and tool in the world at his disposal. It is about a normal guy trying to get home using his wits any time he runs into trouble.
  2. I liked the first book and the first part of (book 2) so much that I purchased the third book half way through this one. I liked how the characters are developed so you know them much like acquaintances that might be in my own life. The book is so realistic. The people in the book might be the people down the road from you. Someone who can't shoot a tight group at a 1000 yards. Someone who doesn't list off the specs of his rifle he is carrying. A good job and now I can get reading the third book. Wish I could make a better and longer review, but I have a book waiting for me.
  3. The story is great! It gives a realistic view of what can really happen if things go down the drain. No "pulling tricks" or the hero having tons of guns and lot's of money to survive. Just a great read and being immersed in the lives of people that could be me and you. This is a great authority and I suggest you just go ahead and buy all three books in the trilogy (hopefully #4 sooner than later)
  4. This series is so great! Will there be another book, I hope so. I rank these books above others of this genre. His books are much better than those of Ralwes or Young. So practical and informative. I look at the un picked corn field quite differently this winter. I hope there's one more book here. The can of Vienna sausages gives me hope, much like the hope that the Simmons have for the future. Great job Mr. Roland and thank you so much.
  5. The kind of story you could have a non-prepper read and help them to understand the potential for our so called civilized society, to become un-civilized in a very short time."
    10/22 Plinker
  6. "What I liked best was how real the characters were. They did not come across as stereotypes or as perfect people: they simply came across as somebody you might meet on any day of the week."
    Terri, from Kansas
  7. "I really like that the main character hasn't "strapped on his Glock 17, with laser sight, tacticool torch, suppressor, 32 round mag, coffee maker, chainsaw bayonet, paired with the PTR91 and 200 round drum mag, bipod, wheelbarrow..." .
    Captain D
  8. Love this trilogy. None of that "so and so got rich, stocked up and then survived" same old story line. This is a story that I can actually see myself in. And actually prepare for. Lot's of good interaction and real relationships going on. Well worth the price! Go ahead and get all three because you'll want to see how the story progresses.
    K. Nelson
  9. “You weave a great tale that most of us who don't have a large trust fund to draw from can relate to. Your story is one of my favorite types to read. Martin is an average guy with modest means to prepare and help his family endure what life throws at him. He is not the mall ninja type that has all the tacticool weapons, bottomless larder to draw from and makes mistakes like most of us do. He is an imperfect Man in an imperfect world trying to do the best he can for his family and those around him.”
    M Gunner
  10. He's such a nice boy. Everyone should buy his books.
    Author's Mom