Siege of New Hampshire

This series is a different approach to post-apocalyptic fiction. My goal was to write a realistic tale about how ordinary people struggle to cope with a suddenly grid-down world. The protagonist is ​​​​​not  a former Navy SEAL with super ninja skills, is not an expert marksman, nor automatically has the perfect answer or gadget  for every predicament. Instead, he is just an average guy trying to cope. He does, however, discover that he has a disconcerting habit of rescuing women, as if there wasn't enough trouble already.

  Book 1: How it all began 

When the power-grid fails,
walking home from work may not go as planned.

Book 1 -- Martin’s Plan B was to walk the fifty miles from Boston to his home in New Hampshire. He was not completely prepared for the trek. His plan must be revised to include an acquaintance, Susan, who becomes suddenly homeless. A cautious young woman and a faithfully married man make for uneasy traveling companions. Their trip to New Hampshire gets mired in government confusion, criminals, and hardships.

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The grid is down.
The economy has collapsed.
Winter is coming.

Book 2 is the continuing story of the people of Cheshire, New Hampshire, coping with grid failure, economic collapse and governmental chaos. Government agencies (FEMA, etc.) offer aid, but expect control in return. NH refuses to comply. The authorities block aid to NH to force compliance. The people of Cheshire try to secure alternate food sources, but run afoul of urban gangs in the process.

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Freezing and starving are not the only problems

Book 3:  dissent and division grow among the people of New Hampshire as they endure greater grid-down hardship. A few food sources are found, but the prospects of everyone surviving the winter are getting slim. A scheme by ‘free’ states to get aid to New Hampshire is blocked by federal forces. Susan holds the key to running the blockade, but she must leave Cheshire to help. While she is away, looters steal town supplies and take hostages. Many face a future of starvation, some face a quicker and more terrible end.

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One woman's quest to help her adopted hometown 
takes several unexpected turns.

Book 4 -- Several months into a grid-down collapse, America has split into two conflicting nations as people and officials try to cope. Susan left Cheshire to help Operation Longbow sneak food through the federal siege of New Hampshire. Nothing goes as expected. Events push her far beyond what she thought her limits were.

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What some readers have said:
Mic Roland
Is an average guy trying to live the quiet life on his rural New Hampshire homestead. He is a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction and old movies.

"(Mic) has become one of my favorite survival authors. I love survival stories that are realistic to where I can imagine it really happening. The war lords, zombies, aliens and earth evacuation stuff don’t do much for me, but this kind of great material that (he) is putting out is fantastic.” — IL

“Well played, realistic, considerate of the interplay of your characters.” — WBA

“More and more, with each new chapter I find myself falling into the universe you are building.” — Cat

“Keep up the great work mate, really appreciate the gritty realism and very real seemingly normal problems in a tough time.” — PD

“Personally I like stories that make me stop and think, rather than generic shoot 'em all and drive on.” — Russ